Jumpshotz SI

The gym appears almost like a miniature NBA arena on the inside... (it) is a state-of the art facility for local hoopers.

Jumpshotz is a 4,000 square foot facility that is designed to host indoor basketball instruction and games. We work closely with our affiliates...
Shootin' School, Because We Can Sports, SI Alumni League, and the Stingrays

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact Sal Fabozzi if you are interested in booking the court

(347) 212-0412


Directions coming from the Outerbridge:

Stay towards the right when coming off the bridge. Exit towards Boscombe Ave and turn left. Make the next left onto Tyrellan Ave. Turn left on Veterans Rd W. Take it to Arthur Kill Rd and turn right. Stay straight and then turn left on Androvette St. The facility is down the road, past the intersection on the left.