Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are generous and kind enough to support us in all that we do. It’s not only because we are passionate about Staten Island's youth and basketball, but because we support and promote teaching players valuable life lessons through youth sports. We also pride ourselves in creating a friendly and safe environment throughout the process. Our facility continues to grow in popularity, year after year, and we credit a great deal of our success to our sponsors.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Opportunities to showcase your organization to a local audience are almost endless at JumpShotz. From a major presence with hosting events at the facility, we’d love to talk to you about how we can best promote your business through sponsorships and be successful together.

JumpShotz employs a collaborative approach to develop a strategic, integrated marketing campaign that achieves sponsor objectives. Our goal is to create a clean environment where brand integration and sponsor messaging has a great impact.

We offer sponsors the opportunity to engage a diverse demographic both on and off Staten Island.

If you are interested in expanding your brand’s reach, we’d love to talk to you about how we can best promote your business through sponsorship.

Making Our World A Better Place 
Feel it…Believe it….Live it…

Joseph Maffeo was a New York City firefighter whose life was tragically cut short on September 11, 2001. He was a hero to the people of New York, but more importantly, he was a hero to his family, and the people who knew and loved him. To them he was a hero not for the way he died, but rather for the way he lived. Joseph Maffeo made the world a better place, each and every day of his life, by giving of himself, by extending a helping hand, by displaying a smile, simply by his mere presence.

We have established this foundation to continue Joseph’s legacy by keeping his spirit alive in those who knew him and breathing it into those who didn’t. By doing this we hope to fill the void left in this world, when on September 11, 2001, Joseph, along with 342 fellow NYC firefighters and thousands of other individuals, lost their lives in a senseless act of hate.

Chief Energy is a 40 year old, family owned, energy company founded by Vincent Rizzuto in 1977. At Chief Energy, the customer comes first. Our main priority is to save our customers money while adding value. Following those main principals has allowed us to succeed for 40 years. We have a solid foundation in heating oil, diesel fuel, boiler repair and installations. In addition, we have ventured into new sectors such as, electricity and natural gas sales. Even though we are growing rapidly, we still remain true to our core values. The customer comes first!

When you’re ready to find the car you want at a competitive price and a friendly, approachable, straightforward sales team to help you out all along the way, Island Auto Group has you covered. Serving drivers in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Newark, Long Island City, Woodridge, and New York City, we’re a dealership group selling hundreds of new vehicles ranging from Chrysler Group to Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and beyond.